What is Gene

Our DNA is the blueprint of our body – it encodes the build-up of our body, our differences in health & diseases, talents, weaknesses, as well as reactions to food and drugs.

What is Genetic Testing

Genetic test is the technology of reading DNA from our body specimens, usually from saliva or blood samples. Genetic science has been developed by thousands of brilliant scientists throughout the world in the past 20 years. Technology is now well developed – we are confident in accurately reading our own DNA in a fast and efficient manner. From guessing to testing, we can now make use our own DNA information to improve our health in multiple aspects. By knowing in advance our own health risks, personalized medical prevention of disease can be achieved; by knowing our own genetically predisposed lifestyle, personalized sports, dietary and other daily living options can be optimized.

Genetic Testing Procedures
  1. Pre-test Medical Assessment
    Choose the Right Test
  2. Specimen Collection
    Saliva or Blood
  3. Accredited Genetic Centre
    DNA Testing of the Highest Standards
  4. Personalized
    Health Planning by Medical Doctor & Genetic Professionals
Important Notes on Genetic Testing
  1. No Fasting is required
  2. Only saliva or blood samples are required
  3. Unaffected by medication or body condition
  4. High sensitivity
  5. High accuracy >99.8%