Find out more about your health condition and the related services we offer, by completing in a simple health assessment.

*This questionnaire is for reference only. It is not a medical diagnosing tool.

1. Can you see your glans penis in the condition of non- erection?
2. Can you pull back the foreskin in order to expose the glans penis?
3. After pulling back the foreskin, do you feel stuck and pain to the phimosis?
4. Have you ever infected foreskin inflammation due to unwashed foreskin secretions?
5. Have you experience urinary tract injection?
6. When you are being stimulated sexually, do you feel discomfort or pain while erection?
7. When you are in the time of sex, do you feel discomfort or pain while erection?
8. Does your sex partner feel urinary discomfort or itching after sex?